“Through my association and sessions with Steven Mana Trink, my mind has shifted from lifelong self-defeatism to the awareness of my unlimited potential for growth. Thanks to my working with Mana, I have also resumed teaching and writing. In summary, I am experiencing an intellectual and spiritual renaissance.” 

-- Prof. Jack Kaczorowski, Pierce Valley College

“I am forever in gratitude. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference, not just in my life but the lives of everyone. You help make the world a better place.”
-- Dymally, Beverly Hills CA

“Just being in Mana’s presence, had a life changing effect on me. His knowledge and insights have opened my mind and my heart to the possibilities in life through self awareness and love.  His humanness has touched my soul.” 

-- Adrienne Fayne, LMFCT

“Steven Mana Trink is gifted with the Intuitive Wisdom to fully embrace the Spirit of Consciousness and lovingly guide your personal transformation and healing in the most gentle and understanding of ways.”   

-- Dr. Stephen Koff, Boston Mass.

“My transformation with Mana Trink has been a journey of growth, empowerment and enlightenment. He has guided me in opening the door and crossing over the threshold to discovering and embracing the beauty and love that is blossoming within me”
-- Daryl C, Westwood CA

“I have completely reshaped my life and physical body since meeting Mana.  I lost 102 pounds to date and live in the moment of possibilities and miracles! My well-being and health is reflective of my renewed spirit for life.”  

-- Michael J Wolf, Chicago Il

“Words can hardly convey the appreciation I feel in my heart, spirit and soul for the transformation I received through my sessions with Mana.  I am thrilled with my new relationship with myself and others.” 

-- Lars Norger, Maui Hawaii

“Meeting Mana Trink was a blessing. Through his intuitive guidance and healing modalities, I was able to gain many insights and embrace new possibilities to my life’s challenges.  Mana holds the space for his client’s highest potential and was able to facilitate the opening up of unconscious obstructions within myself, calling forth a trust in the unfolding process of life. I have enjoyed working with Mana, and grateful for his generous listening, and loving spirit.”
-- Suzanne Maxx, World Team Now, Founder/President

“Upon my first session with Mana Trink I knew he was an enlightened man who would be a great vehicle for growth for me. He was very supporting throughout the process and kept me motivated between sessions. He taught me about the powerful healing vibrations of sounds and words. His understanding and mastery of the  subconscious mind and his gift to access and realign cellular memory, shifted me to a place of empowerment.”
-- Eloïse Desrousseaux, Paris, France