Bruce Lipton Ph.D., the renowned cell biologist, and Author of the Biology of Belief, discovered that energy fields at a cellular membrane level can regulate cell expression.  The collective cellular membranes create an instrument, which energy fields can play upon.  

Mana’s mastery in energy field shifting has created what some have referred to as miraculous transformations in physical and emotional well-being.  This is the cutting-edge work of Applied Epigenetics or Epigenetic-Therapy.

Those that have experienced Epigenetic transformation describe the experience with accounts such as “Awakening,” evoking a “New Consciousness,” and reflecting a Harmony and Balance between the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Mana surrounds the Epigenetic Therapy participant in an energy field that activates innate wisdom.  One is guided along a path of mastery and centeredness by evoking new perception, leading to life change.  Mana works with reprograming modalities, collaborative artistry inspiring individual visualizations and actualization of Being.

Steven Mana Trink currently practices in Malibu, Beverly Hills California and Hawaii. He offers individual sessions in the privacy of a client’s location or the acclaimed Malibu Healing Center where he also holds seminars/classes for students and clients who are devoted to embracing and living a more vibrant and radiant life.

Mana Trink’s  monthly column on Epigentics, the New Science to a Thriving life, can be found in the Health and Lifestyle Magazine:  “Perreault” at Perreault-Mag.com.

Mana offers his services on a global level. His Long Distance Sessions are available by Phone and Video Interface.

Steven "Mana" Trink combined his 20 years of experience in Vibrational/Energy Field Medicine with his training as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist under Dr. John Kappas, who literally defined the profession of Hypnotherapy. Mana has since emerged as a leading force and a visionary of Personal Transformation in the New Science of Epigenetics.  His birthing is the culmination of his Passion, Knowledge and Teachings.