by Steven "Mana" Trink


How Your Language and Thoughts Effect Your DNA

The world is the stage that allows us to play out the script that we had written for ourselves before we were born upon this planet of duality. Our part in this play is simply to remember our true nature from the perspective of the bigger picture. 

We live in a Universe of constant change. The wind is a wonderful reference, as is all of nature.  Along with change comes the human mind’s intervention wanting to know what the wind will bring, for it seeks comfort in knowing what is going to happen next, to control our outcome, so we can be safe and secure. We have been conditioned and programmed to believe that we have control of the results of our experiences, so we judge ourselves based on this perceived illusion. 

Stress, anxiety, doubt, conflict are all underlined with the fear of losing control and they become a part in the play that keeps us on edge. The perception of uncertainty creates imbalance and we spin out of control. Why is this happening to me is a question that arises often. We look for blame, find a logical reason or anything other than to accept the responsibility. We are faced with the “challenge” of fixing, changing or moving past the situation past the situation.

The answer is simple. It stems from a place other than what you should do. It is all about perspective or perception, how you are viewing it.  The word “challenge” is the key to the solution. As long as you see what is occurring as a “challenge”, you will be viewing at it from a point of attack and you will go to war.

Now, lets look at it from a different point of view. Instead of interpreting the experience as a “challenge” you are now going to shift your perspective and embrace it as an “Initiation”.

An “initiation” is other than being admitted into a club or part of a ritual. It is an event that welcomes you into a new awareness. It is an experience that allows you to see yourself from the perspective of Liberation and to observe the experience as something that is happening for you, rather than happening to you. It marks the death of your old self and the rejoicing in the birth of a New You, a changed you, another evolution in your journey. Another part of who you are, reflected back into yourself.

Initiation takes place on the day you were told of, or experienced a tragic event, a major disappointment or was informed of a devastating illness. How the experience is received from the perspective of either a “challenge” or “initiation” is the difference between suffering or gaining insight to a higher consciousness that will open the gates to a life filled with Harmony, Balance and Vibrant Health.

Science has provenour thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and language translate into Vibrational Frequencies. The expression of your DNA and its communication with the cells in your body are primarily determined by these frequencies.

The word “challenge” and its corresponding association with resistance, obstacle or putting forth energy to move forward, carries a lower vibrational frequency than the word “initiation” which in this instance refers to Awareness, Personal Growth and Liberation. 

How long and intense you continue to stay in certain thought patterns or emotions, (anger, shame, grief, apathy, guilt, jealousy, sadness, doubt or fear) consciously or unconsciously, is what actualizes and expands the accumulated energy of consciousness that becomes your vibrational frequency.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic. In his book, Power vs Force, he describes levels of vibrational frequency that are determinants of human behavior. Our experiences are reflections of our frequency.

It is evident that the lower density of energy levels associated with your subconscious programs, thoughts, beliefs and words can compromise your immune system and specifically the vibrancy of your life. When you are focused from a vantage point of Trust, Compassion, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Passion or Love, which are higher levels of frequency, you experience the Celebration of Life and are actually communicating to your genes and DNA data that is healing and nurturing; information that contributes to your over all state of well being.

Albert Einstein believed we are “Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe. Nikola Tesla, world recognized physicist, and futurist has stated: “If you wish to understand the Universe, think Energy, Frequency and Vibration”.

You have a responsibility to be conscious of your thoughts and language. It is the way to energetically detach from your stories, so you can live in the Present Moment of Harmony, Balance and Joy.   

Applying Epigenetic Therapy, by simply shifting your perception from the Emotional Illusions of the ego-mind that creates lower density vibrational frequencies, to the higher vibrations emanating from the Wisdom and Truth that lives within your Heart, generates incredible power to the body itself and, in particular, the mind-body-spirit connection. Taking the responsibility to integrate uplifting, higher frequency words into your daily life will help free you from your emotional conflicts and put you in Balance with Divine Consciousness.

I look forward to your questions or comments.

Steven “Mana” Trink

Epigenetic Therapist

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