The Science of Epigenetics is a new model of how our environment and perception, at any given moment, can influence our brain chemistry and directly affect our Vitality, Radiance and Quality of Life. 

The basis for virtually all our physical health conditions is energy related. The research into this new realm of vibrational energy fields encourages us to abandon obsolete beliefs that we are victims of predetermined genetic codes. It shows us how our perceptions and environment, shapes our biology and behavior, making us masters of our own lives.

The breakthrough research in cell biology and quantum physics illustrates that the expression of our genes and DNA are controlled by signals from outside the cell. With each perceived experience we have, our DNA communicates functional instructions to our cells based on how it reads the signals from our perception and environment.  Our beliefs, feelings, emotions, attitudes and even the spoken word affects our biology and has a direct, overwhelmingly and significant effect on our health and well-being. 

“We can literally change our reality by shifting our perception and thoughts. We have the opportunity to express ourselves at our fullest potential” says Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned cell biologist.

Epigenetic Therapy addresses the source and root cause of a situation or condition, so that permanent healing can ensue, rather than merely address the symptoms of an imbalance. The symptoms are simply the overt signs of the deeper levels causing the imbalance. 

Through processes of reprogramming modalities, collectively referred to as energy psychology and vibrational medicine, among many other new techniques that fine tune and rewire destructive programs that occupy our subconscious and energy field, one can shape and direct their own genetic readout. This new science moves you out of victimhood and into Mastery—mastery over your awareness to consciousness, health and a joyful life.