March 2014

Epigenetics:    Power Over Addictions


DNA can be said to provide the basic blueprint of life.  Research has established that the  food we eat, the air we breathe and the ecological systems in which we live control the switches that turn on and off the expression of our genes and DNA.  Additionally, our perceptions of the world we live in and the relationship we have with ourselves, vibrationally, affects the expression of our DNA.  These influences on gene and DNA expression, which can trigger the path to addiction, are known as Epigenetics The signals that the DNA receives from our environment, directly affects the transmission and perpetuation of the genetic expression of the DNA.  Addiction carries epigenetic changes that are usually in response to a stressful environment.  If that environmental stress is eliminated and replaced with Balance and Harmony, then over time, the DNA communication to our cells will reflect the new information and our bodies will respond in a more optimal, healthy and vibrant way.

The key to understanding the basis of Epigenetics is knowing that this field of study has emerged as the way to bridge the gap between nature and nurture. 

The Science of Epigenetics allows us to understand just how closely nature and nurture are linked and how this link affects us as individuals.  In his books, The Biology of Belief, and Spontaneous Evolution, cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how emotions can regulate genetic expression.  He says that, “Each cell membrane has receptors that pick up various environmental signals such as thoughts attitudes and perceptions.  Your cells can choose to read or not read specific genes depending on the signals being received from these environmental receptors.” 

Epigenetic Science makes it possible for us to see that just because we are genetically programmed a certain way; we also have the power to make choices that change the expression of the genetic program.  What you are thinking, feeling and believing is changing the genetic expression and chemical composition of your body on a moment-by-moment basis.  When you understand that with every feeling and thought, in every instant, you are performing epigenetic engineering on your own cells, you suddenly have a degree of leverage over your health and happiness that makes all the difference. 

The Essential Nature of Addiction

There is an impulse, you act upon it…it feels good...that is the beginning…

We are all addicted to something.  Every single person on this planet is facing some form of addiction on some level.  You may be addicted to a lifestyle, money, a person, a feeling like guilt or neediness, memories from your past, a victim story, repetitive thinking patterns, the high from gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, cigarettes, food or perhaps depressing thoughts about life…the evening news.

Addiction can be defined as the uncontrolled, compulsive use of a substance, person, thought or behavior for the purpose of changing a person’s emotional state.  In the early stages leading to addiction most addicts fail to consider any adverse consequencespertaining to their actions.  The key point is that people rarely make a choice to become addicted and most lack even the awareness that they are.  People become addicted because of the way their brain works; addiction makes neurobiology deviate from the normal position of being able to control behavior.  

According to William Renthal and Eric Nestler in their article “Epigenetic Mechanisms in Drug Addictionpublished in the Journal of Trends in Molecular Medicine, addiction is a process based in modified functioning of the pleasure-reward areas of the brain.  In the beginning these modifications progressively increase the vulnerability of an individual to engage in repeated substance use and are often impulsive in behavior. Increased substance use results in even greater epigenetic changes in the brain’s pleasure-reward areas and is sought to eliminate aversive emotional states experienced while sober, rather than for the desired pleasurable affects. This is what launches us into the vicious cycle of addiction, and what keeps us addicted until we realize we need help.

What eventually makes someone an addict depends on their level of avoidance to pain and their attachment to pleasure.  Later on, after repeated exposure, drug or alcohol use becomes compulsively reinforcing.  The addiction is then slowly formed from the habitual escape-route of evading low density emotions, consciously or unconsciously, which one wants to fix or bury deep inside.  The addiction has provided a comfortable way to a world of avoidance, and has given permission to the addict to accept the idea that their habit is simply “who they are.”  

We Live In a Vibrational World

It is important to recognize that “we live in a world of energy and frequencies” as stated by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.  Everything is energy vibrating at varying frequencies.  The higher your energy frequency, the higher the quality of health and vibrant radiant life you can enjoy.

The emotional underlying factors leading up to addiction can be based on perceptions of victimhood and a negative outlook on life, which both carry low frequency vibration.

Exciting new research shows that our perceptions, beliefs, feelings, emotions and attitudes, every thought we have ripples throughout our body, affecting the information and data received by one’s DNA. We are also being affected by the media, entertainment industry, our family environment and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The molecular changes that take place on a cellular level are triggered energetically both as a result of the manifestations of personal choice and the energetic changes occurring all around us.

How Epigenetic Therapy Addresses Addiction

The Epigenetic Therapist facilitates the frequencies - the energy to fine tune, reprogram and rewire destructive programs in the cellular memory that occupy our subconscious mind and energy field. This shifts one’s neurobiology, which helps activate or suppress the patterns of expression of the DNA, without changing the original DNA sequence.  Epigenetic Therapy moves you out of victimhood and into Mastery—mastery over your awareness to consciousness, health and a joyful life.

Epigenetic Therapy is a key to raising the level of consciousness to your experience of life filled with mastery, celebration and love.  Only through consciousness can you discover that you have the power you need to move beyond any addiction and find success in everything that you do. 

Harmful addiction is absent in a life that is filled with the high vibrational frequencies of Joy, Appreciation, Trust and Gratitude.   To truly defeat addiction in the short and long

haul, one needs to raise their vibrational frequency and to feel naturally uplifted about life. 

In the later stages of addiction, medical supervision may be needed as the addicting substance and the environment feeding it, is withdrawn.  Epigenetic Therapy is most effective as a preventive measure in those with a family history, in the earlier stages or during the rehabilitative phase of addiction - after detoxification.

What Is The Addict Really Hooked On?

Addiction most often attracts those who experience a lack of belonging, an unfulfilling life, weak sense of self and those who look to the outside world for answers. The actual effect of an addicting substance is the suppressing of the lower energy fields, thereby allowing the user to temporarily experience the higher ones.  The suppression of the lower frequencies is different than actually creating the high ones; it merely reveals them.  Within levels of consciousness, the higher frequencies are extremely powerful, and few people routinely experience these as pure states because they are masked by lower energy fields created by the perceptions of anxiety, fear, anger or resentment.  Rarely does the average person get to experience life without these low density vibrations and experience the highs of pure love, joy, or ecstasy.  It is to these glimpses of these higher states that people become addicted.  

It would be a world beyond your imagination,  if more people could access these higher experiences without resorting to potentially harmful actions and/or substances?

Addiction is one of many symptoms of gene-environment interaction.  It may be caused by our environment alone, or by genetic predisposition alone, but it is becoming more apparent that it could result from a combination of the two. 

Once we grasp the enormous opportunities for altering our genetic expression offered by shifts of consciousness, we reclaim responsibility for our well-being and give ourselves options.

Life is inherently filled with challenges, which we can choose to see as opportunities that allow us to evolve and grow spiritually.  The experiences we are given affords us the opportunity to discover the purpose of our existence.  Finding the true essence of life within oneself along with the inner peace, regardless of the circumstances, liberates one to experience what the Heart has always yearned to embrace in this life. The awareness to this inner peace may be the main intent your soul choses to take on and embrace the experience of addiction in the first place. 

Applied Epigenetic Therapy intervenes at a level of consciousness that raises your vibrational frequency, shifts your perception of life experiences and enhances the level of your health and quality of life. It is potentially the most significant breakthrough in the field of wellness today.  

The Transgenerational Effects of Epigenetics   

The future of our planet resides in the children that are already in this world and those who are yet to be born into it.  Our responsibility to be in service to humanity starts with being in service to ourselves.  This information is important because epigenetic changes can be inherited.  As a result, children could be more inclined to participate in the same low frequency behavior as their parents.  So while the tendency for addiction can be inherited, if it were a “true” disease, everyone with the genetic makeup for addiction would have one. 

Parental interaction and maternal behavior during fetal development and infancy can have a powerful influence on stress levels and addictive behavior of the offspring later in life as a result of lasting epigenetic modifications.  On the bright side, according to work published in The Journal of Neuroscience, it now seems that just as gene expression can be altered during development, it can also be altered later in life to reverse these modifications.  We need the consciousness to recognize, implement and integrate the beneficial vibrational shifts to do so.

Our Planet has entered a new paradigm in the evolution of Humanness..... a world where Vibrational Frequency has become the “New Medicine.”  All life is Energy and Frequency.  In this new dimension, anything that calibrates at a low density is other than being supported.  On a global level we are witnessing the awakening of a new reality.

Applied Epigenetic Therapy is that “New Medicine” of today and will certainly be the standard of tomorrow.   It is the mechanism that will fine tune and align your frequencies, so that playing in the symphony of life is a Celebration of Harmony.                

I look forward to your questions or comments. 

Steven “Mana” Trink

Epigenetic Therapist

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